Catapult Expansion (41 pieces)

Are you ready to reach new heights? Do you have the guts to push the proverbial button and send your marbles skyward? Then get ready for Hubelino’s new Catapult Set, the one-of-a-kind launcher that will open up a whole new world of marble-run madness! Boasting a total of 41 pieces, this set includes a button-operated catapult and a deflector you can use to guide your marbles right where you want them. Defy gravity, experiment with speed, and hone your skills to build the perfect marble run! The set allows you to build a small, standalone run, complete with catapult (no other sets required).

However, to experience the ultimate in marble-run mayhem, we recommend using the Catapult Set as an expansion to one of our larger marble run sets—the Mini Set is a great place to start!

Product Information


2 catapults, 2 reflectors, 9 run elements, 26 blocks, 140er base plate, 1 marble




28,4 x 14,6 x 11 cm

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