Cradle Chute Expansion (46 pieces)

You say that speed alone isn’t good enough? You say that no construction challenge is too great?  Well, you’re in luck—the new Cradle Chute Set from Hubelino has arrived! Build head-spinning, heart-stopping runs with our all-new pendular technology. Will your marble drop from one cradle chute to the next, or will it take an unexpected dive off the edge? It’s anyone’s guess! This 46-piece set includes two cradle chutes, which means your marbles can take off in four unpredictable directions on their way back to ground level. As with all our sets, the Cradle Chute Set can be combined with any other Hubelino product. What are you waiting for? Put your cradle-chute cred on display and make a mystifying marble-run maze!

Product Information


2 cradles, 16 run elements, 25 blocks, 1 base plate, 2 marbles


492 g


28,4 x 14,6 x 11 cm

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