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Welcome to the new generation of Hubelino:

pi = 3.14159

Hubelino pi Marble Run System

The Hubelino pi marble run system combines daring physics tricks with creative construction fun. The fascination of constructing tricky marble run racetracks is only topped by the high speed and action-packed tricks and stunts of the steel marble.
And best of all: Hubelino pi can be combined with building blocks, figures and theme worlds from other manufacturers, because Hubelino pi is fully compatible with common plug-in systems.

It's up to you Free Play or Manual

Each marble run set from Hubelino pi contains a well-illustrated step-by-step instruction booklet. With this you can learn how to turn the daredevil tricks and clever constructions into reality. Of course you can set up and combine all sets according to your own ideas.

100% compatible with common building blocks

All components of the Hubelino pi Marble Run System are fully compatible with common building blocks of well-known manufacturers. Thus, you can combine your creative marble run construction with theme worlds and figures of other manufacturers, your imagination knows no bounds. If you already have many classic building blocks at home, you can build a great marble run with marble run elements like slide, curve, straight, ramp, and tunnel adapters.

Daring physics tricks and creative construction fun:

Hubelino pi

Made in Germany Quality & Safety

The Hubelino pi Marble Run System is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards. All components of the Hubelino pi Marble Run System are compatible with common building blocks from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds.

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